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R.A. Hewitt

Mallard Hen

These wonderful hollow carved decoys are depicted on pages 14 (Fig. 1.2-Flyers) and 20 (Fig. 2.3-Floaters) of Wildfowl Decoys of the Pacific Coast by Miller. At the time, Miller was unable to identify the maker. Current attribution is that of R.A. Hewitt of Vancouver, B.C. They are dated to 1910. Hewitt was a Canadian representative the the migratory bird convention held in Washington, D.C. in 1916. This is the finest example I've seen. More research on this maker is definitely warranted.

Price: $900

Lt. Gov. Rig

Mallard Pair

BC collectors refer to these unknown maker mallards as Lt. Governors Rig. There is a similar pair depicted on page 7 of Wildfowl Decoys of the Pacific Coast by Michael Miller. This pair is hollow carved measuring just over 18" in length. The drake is original and worn. The hen appears to be in old working repaint. 

Price: $300