We're pleased to offer a nice selection of Decoys from the Humboldt Bay region of California on West Coast Decoys.  If you see anything that you'd like additional information on please e-mail me at westcoastdecoys@gmail.com.  Feel free to call me at 1 (800) 942-0309.  Thanks for looking!

Merven Olsen

Black Brant

Very stylish Pacific black brant by Merven Olsen (Eureka, CA) ca. 1930s. Styled after the master Humboldt Bay brant maker Capt. Olsen (no relation). Hollow carved utilizing six plugs in the top of the back. Paint is likely done by Bill Neal (Sonoma, CA). See page 76 of Wildfowl Decoys of California by Michael Miller for additional informaiton on the maker. 

Price: $500

Bill Pinches

Bluebill Pair

Oversized, solid cork, bluebill pair by the Humboldt Bay carving legend, Bill Pinches (Arcata, CA). Signed and dated 1982.

Price: $495

Emil Santsche

Pintail Drake

Solid carved redwood pintail drake attributed to Emil Santsche (Eureka, CA), ca. 1920s. Old in use repaint.

Price: $120

William Snow

Black Brant

Solid redwood Pacific black brant by William Snow (Trinidad, CA). See page 87 of Wildfowl Decoys of California for additional informaiton on this Humboldt Bay maker.

Price: $225

Jim Moore


Solid carved redwood Pacific black brant by Orval "Jim" Moore (Eureka, CA), ca. 1950. Hardwood dowel inserted representing the bill. See page 73 of Wildfowl Decoys of California.

Price: $290

William Bishop


Hollow, laminated redwood Pacific black brant by William Bishop (Eureka, CA). See page 25 of Wildfowl Decoys of California by Michael Miller. Wonderful unique Humboldt Bay brant.

Price: $250

Spindoni (attrib.)


Solid carved redwood and roothead Pacific black brant attributed to Spindoni (Eureka, CA) ca. 1940s. Paint is a mix of original and old working repaint.

Price: $150

Fred Lovfald


Whimsical form on this solid redwood Pacific black brant from Fred Lovfald (Fields Landing, CA) ca. 1930s. Measures 16" in length and 12" tall.

Price: $200

Unknown Maker


Hollow carved redwood Pacific black brant by an unknown Humboldt Bay maker.

Price: $125

Rob Capriola

Bluebill Pair

The best bluebill pair by Rob Capriola (Chico, CA) that I've offered. The thick comb painting on this pair is unique. These are from the makers personal hunting rig and were used between 1980 and 2006 on the Humboldt Bay and in the Butte Sink. Branded R.C. on the bottoms.

Price: $770