Madison Mitchell

Black Duck

Nicely painted early working black duck by R. Madison Mitchell (Havre de Grace, MD), ca 1940s. Small tail chip and sliver missing from left side of the bill. OOS

Sold: $300

Dick Janson

Pintail Hen

Solid carved pintail hen by California's most influential early decoy maker Richard "Fresh Air Dick" Janson. This example has been repainted and eys replaced by the talented Lee Dahlberg. See pages 103-125 of Wildfowl Decoys of California by Michael Miller. OOS

Sold: $450

Barnegat Bay


A few areas of light scuffing on the original paint brant by Rick Brown and the Barnegat Bay Decoy Company of Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey. This great example is ca. 1980. OOS

Sold: $200

R.W. Schaap

Wood Duck

Solid carved wood duck drake by R.W. Schaap (b. 1910, d. 2000). Schaap was a productive Oregon maker who made contemporary decoys in the old style. This example is in excellent original paint, branded by the maker on the bottom and measures 11 1/2" in length. IS

Sold: $100

Wildfowler Co.

Bluebill Pair

A stone mint balsa model rigmate bluebill pair from the Wildfowler Decoy Company of Old Saybrook, CT ca. 1940s-50s. Nice factory stamp on both. These wonderful examples are in unrigged and unused condition. Each measures approximately 13.5" in length. OOS

Sold: $550

Hays Company

Mallard Hen

Awesome original paint detail on this solid carved, No. 6, Grand Prix model mallard hen from the J.M. Hays Wood Products Co. of Jefferson City, MO ca. 1920s. There is a light, thin, green overpaint to the seam of the neck filler and portions of the left side of the head. Otherwise, she is in outstanding condition. See page 191 of North American Factory Decoys by Ken Trayer for a similar example. OOS

Sold: $385

Robert Weeks

Pintail Drake

The best example by this maker you will ever find...An excellent, all original pintail drake by Robert Weeks (Bureau, IL) ca. 1930s. The tag indicates this example to be in unused condition. Hollow carved and measuring approximately 17" in length. OOS

Sold: $630

Ben Schmidt

Mallard Hen

This is the nicest Schmidt decoy I've ever offered...A solid carved mallard hen in excellent all original paint. Schmidt is a well know Centerline, Michigan maker. The keel has been removed from this example. Measures just over 17" in length. OOS

Sold: $530

Wildfowler Co.

Shovelor Pair

Mint Northern Shovelor pair by Charles Birdsall (Wildfowler Decoy Company, Pt. Pleasant, NJ). Each is signed and dated 1972. Each measures approximately 14.5" in length. "W.Keim" signed under the bills. OOS

Sold: $850

John Kouchinsky

Blue-winged Teal

Nicely detailed hollow carved blue-winged teal pair by John Kouchinsky (Georgetown, SC). Each are signed by the maker and dated 2009. Each measures approximately 11.5" in length. OOS

Sold: $250

James Thompson

Gadwall Pair

Wonderful garwall pair by James Thompson (Indiana). Signed and dated 2006. The bodies are constructed of solid cork and heads, tails and keels are pine. Each measures approximately 19.5" in length. OOS

Sold: $300

Scott Company

Pintail Drake

Really nice paint on this pintail drake from the Scott Cork Decoy Co. of Oakland, CA, ca. 1930s. This is the round bottom model with plastic bill and black glass eyes. This lightly used example retains a good ink stamp on the bottom. See pages 302-317 of Wildfowl Decoys of California by Michael Miller for additional information on the prolific California decoy company. OOS

Sold: $120

Scott Company

Pintail Drake

Good original paint on this cork body Scott Company (Oakland, CA) pintail drake, ca. 1930s. OOS

Sold: $90

Sean Sutton

Green-winged Teal Pair

Very stylish hollow carved green-winged teal pair by Sean Sutton (Paulsboro, NJ). Signed and dated by the maker. Each measures approximately 11.5" in length. Mint original condition. OOS

Sold: $650

Kevin Wharton

Cinnamon Teal

Hollow carved, Deleware River style cinnamon teal pair by Kevin Wharton (Springfield, PA). Each are signed by the maker and measure approximately 11.5" in length. OOS

Sold: $250

Rosh Douglas

Goldeneye Pair

Wonderful and all original goldeneye pair by Rosh Douglas of Ogdenberg, NY. Painted with a "D.D." on the bottom of each. OOS

Sold: $250

Tule Lake Co.

Green-winged Teal Pair

Very rare, solid carved, green-winged teal pair from the Woodward's Tule Lake Decoy Company (Sacramento, CA), ca. 1920s. Paint is a mix of original and old in use repaint. See pages 556-562 of Wildfowl Decoys of California by Michael Miller. OOS

Sold: $600